A lot of factors come into play while planning and designing for a retail space to make it functional, unique, and exclusive to your brand. With a shared sense of ownership, we go the extra mile to understand your business and its special needs and make the entire process as simple as possible with our expert guidance and support throughout project completion. 


Designing a commercial space is all about productivity, performance, community, and security. Our proven processes ensure that we´ll create an exclusive commercial space or corporate workspace that is innovative and functional.


Building or renovating your home may feel a little overwhelming with a multitude of options and upgrades, making you wonder where to start.

Your home is your own personal space, your comfort zone, and we can assist you in creating a residential space that is a reflection of you, and fits your lifestyle.

AZA Studio

Every project is unique, and each project starts with an idea. Whether it is your idea to create more space; develop or redesign spaces; or enhance structures for you, your family, or your business; we at AZA are here to help you make things happen.

We want to assist you with architectural design solutions that are functional, sustainable, secure, aesthetic, and that promote your well-being.

We are a responsive team that offers intelligent design solutions, proactive partnerships, and open communication. We will give you access to our extensive team of consultants and we will speak for your brand.

You can depend on us from start to finish of your project, throughout the construction of your dream space.

Alexander Zilberman

Alexander Zilberman, AIA is founder and Principal Architect and serves in leading AZA’s team with full breadth and depth of relevant experience on hand. Through his work, he has influenced how people live and enjoy their everyday surroundings by designing unique spaces in some of the most iconic buildings in New York City and around the world. Alexander lives in lower Manhattan with his wife, daughter and son.

Prema Magid

Our CFO, Prema Magid, grew up in New York City where she graduated from law school. Prema joined AZA in 2011 and from the beginning has mastered the ins and outs of its business and finances contributing to the fast success that AZA has achieved in the architectural world.

Team AZA

AZA is about a shared passion for beautiful design and making the environment we build better in everyday life. With a shared sense of ownership for every project, the team at AZA works by collaborating with each client to understand the needs of each project and create a design to deliver innovative architectural solutions that fit each specific need.

Each project is backed by our experienced team and our extensive systemic network of consultants who are experts in the required set of skills to tackle every aspect of each successful collaboration.

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George Harrison
Band Director

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David Miller
Company Director

Companies that work with us

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Excellence can only be achieved through collaboration

AZA brings every client’s vision to life through positive partnership and creating an exceptional experience from start to finish.

With over 500 projects across multiple sectors, between AZA and our network of partners, we have the expertise your project needs to realize your vision.

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AZA is hiring great talent at any experience level!

We are looking for a candidate who can homogeneously integrate into AZA’s philosophy and principles, such as comradery, empathy, and the constant longing for technological innovation and sustainability. These values, present in all of our team members, are the ones that allow us to create exceptional designs with dignity, wholeheartedly and with laser focus. Candidates will work on all phases of project management and the design process—from concept to construction administration. The candidate should be creative, detail oriented and a self-motivated individual who also has great communication skills and professionalism. AZA offers a competitive salary, bonus and benefits plan that includes medical, dental, vision, PTO, 401(K), Flex Spending Account (FSA), and a MetroCard or other transit subsidies.

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